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Reviews from our customers

Giovany M.

Made the process straight forward and convenient. Excellent service, great pricing and more importantly handled my vehicle with care. Absolutely my go to company for this type of service.

Brad P.

I was broken down and they came to give me a tow. One they were quicker than expected. And two they were super nice and professional. I also don’t know much about car and he gave me advice on what is going on. Amazing people to work with!

Lori P. 

Brandon came out to tow my dead car to the mechanics as I could not figure out what was going on. After listening to my story, he spent a significant amount of time trying to see if whether it was a simple issue with the battery. He went way above and beyond what any tow truck personnel has ever done. It was hot outside and he could’ve very well just loaded up my car to tow it to the mechanics, but he went the extra mile to give me great customer service! This man deserves a raise!


Chris L.

Outstanding tow of my fathers ‘66 Chevy Corvair. Timely, professional and expert handling of the rear engine classic. Even though this was a non-op car, the driver handled pick up and delivery to storage unit seamlessly. Thanks ABU for doing this right. I’d trust them to move any car I have.


First time customer and I have personally been through more than five other tow companies within the STL area, but by far the best I have done business with to date is definitely ABU Towing. I have a very "low to the ground" car that Brandon hooked up and handled beautifully from start to finish and O'Day was a lifesaver when I called on a Sunday for a same day tow request and he worked me in their schedule for that day. My new " go-to" tow company from this point forward. Thanks y'all.

Alex W. 

Very good service provider. Technician was great and came up with solutions on the spot for my roadside repair.

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